AAW linkspam!

This is for @redbeardace‘s AAW 7 Day Linkspam Challenge.  I’ve decided to compile two of them, because only 7 links?  As if I could ever compile so few.

I’ve intentionally decided not to do 101 pieces this time around, since there are already about 400 compilations of 101 resources out there.  (Here’s one, just in case you need it.)  I decided to link to a maximum of one (1) piece per author to up the difficulty level.  (I also decided not to link to anything I’ve written–if there’s interest I suppose I can put together an AAW linkspam of my pieces, but it’s honestly less interesting to me than curating other’s writing!)

Linkspam #1!  Some posts on asexuality that focus on personal experience and I think are particularly well-written.

Linkspam #2!  Essays I think everyone in the community should read–we shouldn’t just be focusing our AAW education efforts on people outside the community!


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